Sunday, February 28, 2010

The First Ustream

Yesterday was my very first Ustream and I must say that it went quite well.  I revealed quite a lot about my video RPG and revealed a screenshot from the video itself.  You can find it here:


I also answered a few questions here and there about my thoughts on the current state of WoW and what my plans are for the future in Silverlined Productions.  Infact, as of after the show last night there is a lot to say about me and Mozq's plans for the future.  But I'll save that for another night to talk about.

I've decided that I will be getting on Ustream every other night starting now.  I'll be on tonight (Sunday) but I wont get on again till Tuesday.  Gives me time to come up with ideas for what to talk about and such and for you guys to spread the word that I'm giving tips and advice in terms of machinimating.  I hope to see you all again tonight.  Remember to bring topics for me to give my 2 cents on while I edit RPG!

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